Bayerischer Forschungsverbund “Zukunft der Demokratie” (ForDemocracy)

Project 05
Attitudes towards democracy and participation of refugees


The project examines the attitudes of refugees in Bavaria concerning democracy and political participation, as well as the use of new media for civic education work with this target group. With the help of this knowledge tools and materials for civic education will be developed.

Project Description

In our project we examine the attitudes of refugees in Bavaria towards democracy and political participation. The study is subdivided into qualitative interviews with experts from the field and a quantitative survey among refugees at various locations in Bavaria. The aim of the survey is to examine knowledge, experiences and attitudes. The results are supposed to serve as starting points for civic education.

New media are of great importance to the target group. Therefore, their potential for civic education work with refugees is to be explored. This knowledge is supposed to help with the development of tools and materials for civic education.

The overall goal of the project is to improve the conditions for social and political participation of refugees in Germany. In the long run, political participation and involvement in political committees at the municipal level in the communities should be promoted.

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Projekt 05 Prof. Dr. Sonja Haug, Simon Schmidbauer

Sonja Haug (left)
Simon Schmidbauer (right)