Bayerischer Forschungsverbund “Zukunft der Demokratie” (ForDemocracy)

The Research Process of the Association

The ForDemocracy research association was announced as a trans-disciplinary association in July, 2017 (Text of the announcement). In the course of a double-stage selection process by a panel of scientific reviewers, the initially 44 application sketches were put together to form the now existing combination of eleven sub-projects. This makes the association different from other research associations in Bavaria which apply for funding already as consortiums. Thus, the research process started with becoming acquainted with each other and with orientating towards common questions and goals which, in June, 2018, were presented by a framework paper which serves as the basis for funding.

Being a trans-disciplinary association, ForDemocracy aims at extending the understanding of the transfer of knowledge, and a number of its sub-projects aim at transformation. The concept covers both the understanding of science and scientific methods as well as a combined intervention in society, which is worked out by an exchange with practical work and civil society actors. The format and kind of this intervention must still be worked out.

The project is complex and, in the field of the humanities and the social sciences, still unknown territory. To make the process of establishing the association thorough yet at the same time resource-efficient, regulated structures and dialogue formats as well as inner-association decision-making will be combined with the greatest possible accessibility of the thus resulting debate.